Monday, April 20, 2009

waiting for the kiln to cool

Hi everyone. I've finally started a blog and I wonder how much time I will spend doing this. It is a good think to work on while the kiln is cooling down. I fired on Sunday and peeked in this evening and it looks like a good one. I'm doing the Weaverville Arts Safari this weekend over at John Ransmeiers' house. Hopefully it will be a good show and I can pay the rent this month!

Time has been a valuable thing lately. Between making pots, being at the gallery, bartending, teaching, and looking after Samantha (my 5 week old baby girl) I wonder how it all gets done. Emily has been a temendous help. Especially with Samantha. Emily has taken over my marketing for me and has set up a home sale next week for me in Charlotte. She also will be working with me in my gallery so I can make pots in the shop and she can talk with customers and run the cash register.

Back to the firing. We loaded on Saturday and fired on Sunday. My friends David Parris from Saluda, Mike Catanese from Horseshoe, and David Voorhees from Flat Rock all helped with the firing and had some pots in the kiln. We loaded two 30-34 inch vases up front and filled in the back with some pitchers, vases, and other tall pots. The weather was ok though we had some storms roll through towards the end of the night. It sure was better than the 6 inches of snow we had last time. I will try and post some pictures when we unload.